Picket Line Registration Form

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Picket Line Registration Form

In the event of a legal strike, every member who is prepared to legally picket must complete and submit this form prior to the start of the strike.

As a reminder, to qualify for tax-free picket pay, members must picket wearing a UFCW bib:
24 hours per week, if you are a full-time worker (FT status).
20 hours per week, if you are a part-time worker (PT status).

If needed, a list of commonly asked strike and picket line questions is available here.

The picket line will be in place for the duration of your workplace’s regular business hours.
Please select which 4-hour blocks you will be available each week. **You can select as many blocks as you wish**, we will do our best to accommodate your availability.

Any comments or accommodation requirements we should be aware of?
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