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March 31, 2023

Safeway update - Arbitrator John Hall Final Offer Selection (FOS) Decision of July 3, 2020 expires

News Update

Effective March 31st 2023, the John Hall decision of July 3, 2020 expires.

For those that may remember, Arbitrator John Hall Final Offer Selection (FOS) Decision of July 3, 2020 was the Safeway/Sobeys decision that split the store into profitable and non-profitable stores known Appendix A stores and Appendix B stores.

The Appendix B stores were the non-profitable stores and the company had cost savings awarded to them such as the elimination of ATO, part time employees pay reduction and a few other items.

Since this award expires March 31st 2023 any and all remaining stores that have been classified as Appendix B stores under this award will be returned to the full Safeway CBA.

What does this mean?

For those members who were previously entitled to ATO, the Company will have the ATO’s restored or unfrozen.

For those part time members whose rate of pay was reduced because of this decision, they would have their rate readjusted back.

With the expiration of the John Hall Award all Grid A affected employees at Appendix B stores are now fully returned to the Safeway CBA.



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